Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Winding Down

Wow - time flies. I've been busy these past few weeks finishing up the road season with an Omnium (5th overall) in Bellingham, WA & a Seward Park crit (2nd). I also went to race at Crit Nationals pretty much for the experience of riding 20 by myself before they pulled me off the course. Yep - not in it. Oh well - there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Track has been a bit of a diversion for me in August. I decided I wanted to try to qualify for Nationals at Alpenrose (which I did) & get enough upgrade points to race in the mass start events. I am still a 4 on the track & you have to be a 3 to race in the points race & scratch. I would love to be able to go & do the pursuit, points & scratch race. There is a chance the officials will give me my upgrade since there has been decent turnout in the women's fields on the track, but I might not know for awhile. I may succumb to begging, just so I can get things in order, like training & time off from work.

In the past 2 days, I finally set up a new power meter - yah! My teammate Michelle recommends the cycling peaks software, so I still have to get that. I have yet to download any of my data, but I probably need to start doing that to get a baseline.

I also found that WrenchScience offers a really cool free fit calculator on their site for registering with the site. I have just been feeling all wonky on my bike all season & Miller kept telling me that it would be better to ride with a lower saddle. Everytime I lowered the saddle, things felt really wrong with knees & upper body though. The WS fit calculator recommended a saddle height about 2 cm lower than where I had it for several years & a stem longer than any I had ever ridden. Luckily, my frame size is correct according to the calculator. I tried out the recommendations & found it instantly better. My back feels loose & my hips roll forward naturally & the bike feels so well balanced. Now I just want to stay out on my bike forever! The real test will come with the Tuesday night group ride with the Boys for the Mercer Island hot lap - I'm hoping I can hang through the corners better now. I've been killing them every time up the hill & making them suffer so bad. Miller keeps reminding me to save a little something so the group can all stay together. Anyway - the new fit should help through the corners which is usually where I pop off.

Tia & Andy just got married today at a beautiful little lake on the TST course. It was a very sweet ceremony. Best wishes to you, Tia & Andy!