Friday, August 15, 2008

It's about that time again

Ok – back to it. Been away from the blog for quite some time now; thought it would be good to keep it going. It’s Friday & sunny & hot in Seattle today. Luv it. I don’t enjoy the smog since it inflames the tissues in my lungs & gives me squeezy breathing, but I just throw my mask on & call it good.

This weekend, taking Hailee Rae shopping for flower girl dress. Should be fun. Racing on Sunday at North Shore circuit race. Been riding hills in prep for that. Legs are feeling a bit toasty after last night’s workout & tough last 12 days of training, but have 2 days to recover before the race. Feeling much stronger since July. Finally came around after being really sick/overtrained & then recovering from all of that. Can finally go hard in workouts & lay the power down without totally blowing up & having to recover. Good stuff. Track has given me a little bit of a kick too.

J Next weekend, is birthday/wedding shower/bach’lette partay/10 year high school reunion. Not sure what else could possibly be happening that day. Well, going to try to get in a good ride so I don’t go crazy.