Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute House

The cutest little house in West Seattle is (fingers crossed) going to be for sale! Josh has been working for the past several days on cleaning up the bathroom, re-grouting & now re-caulking the tile. He also spent 2 hours cleaning the tile in the kitchen. I've been getting rid of dust bunnies, cleaning cabinets, touching up paint & washing the blinds. When the bathroom is done, I'll be repainting in there, too.

We found a great house for us not too far from where we are now that we are excited to put an offer on. Both of us are a little more reserved this time, since offers have not gone so well in the past. There was the 50's style house on 37th with a huge deck & awesome view of the sound that the owner did not want to sell on contingency. Then there was the totally remodeled home in Belvediere that they listed under priced so they could drive up offers. Anyway, there are some issues with the current house we are looking at, which may steer others away - then there is the whole economy & financial crisis that may leave people on the fence too.

We are hopefully optimistic at this point. If it doesn't work out, there is an older home in Alki that would fit our needs - just the older layout & needs a new roof, chimney work, old window panes replaced & some exterior paint redone and finishing the basement.

If those don't work out at all, then the cutest little house in West Seattle will be all sparkly clean.