Friday, May 25, 2007

Seward Thursday

Last night was the 3rd Seward Park Thursday night racing I have entered so far this season. It was a pretty nice night & slightly warm, so a mess of people showed up to the 6 o'clock race. I was hoping to hang in there & get a good workout in while working on maintaining my position in the pack & hopefully not at the back.

Things started out good down the descent & around the bend, but when we came up the hill the first time, I was in too small of a gear & went shooting back. Later, I figured out I could just sit & spin up that with my new-more forward position on the bike. About 10 laps into the race, there was a crash on the left hand side towards the front of the field going up the hill. I got caught behind it & had to stop. I jumped back in the pack on the next lap only to get dropped on my own about another 10 min later. Yikes - usually it takes me a few times of doing those races before I figure out how to stick with them.

Later, I tried jumping in the 7 pm race. I lasted longer than I thought I was going to - but that was a fast race & I was burning a lot of matches jumping out of the top 160 degree corner. Evidently, Miller says, there is a way to take that easier & then slingshot by people. Yep - something to work on.

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