Friday, June 8, 2007

Sky Lights

Earlier this week, it was pretty warm for a few nights here in Seattle. After getting back from Hood River, I was really looking forward to some cool nights of sleeping in my own bed soundly, but it was not to be.

One especially warm night, Josh & I left the slider door from our bedroom to the deck open with the screen door closed. It has been a few moons since the screen door could do much to keep bugs or critters out. It's a little thrashed. The opening at the bottom of the screen door where the mesh wafts in the wind makes a perfect door for Sky to come & go as she pleases, which helps us sleep better normally because she is OCD about coming & going in the night.

We left the slider open & fell asleep with the cool breeze gently swirling in the room. Some time late in the night, I could faintly hear some low growling noise in my distant dreams. It was not enough to rouse me from my slumber, but when Josh leaped from the bed & starting doing his crazy monkey dance & snorts, I was jolted awake...for a few seconds before dozing back to sleepy land.

In the morning, Josh filled me in on what happened. A strange cat, I think I know which one, mozied on into our room & took up camp underneath my grandma's old antique chair. This royally pissed off Sky, who took to defending her turf with really menacing growls & snorts of her own, which in turn woke up Josh who took to chasing all felines from the room.

Since this episode, we've had to defend Grandma's chair from Sky who keeps giving it side ways glances & the sneak attack. Evidently, Sky has some association with the strange cat & the chair that is lasting.

The whole episode has brought Sky & Josh even closer together...

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