Thursday, December 13, 2007

Klaus, Cross Training & Roof

Lightning is striking

Power tap came back - all good to go - shiny brand new. Good, good. The power is slightly lower than reported pre-powertap fix, but at least it's more consistent now. Still, it'd be nice once in awhile to see it a little higher. :) Oh well, I'm spending a lot of time cross training. I have been swimming 1x week which is so great. I have loved swimming since I can remember. It's great to get in the pool consistently & feel the improvements in breathing, stroke & feeling long & lean in the pool. With swimming, it's really easy to get into a rhythm & let the rhythm pass the time away. Plus, being in the water is just relaxing & very freeing. Last weekend, I tried skate skiing for the first time with the help of some great instruction by Tim Becker. He was part of a volunteer crew that put on a clinic day in conjunction with Marmot ski demos. So awesome. I fell in love with skate skiing right away. I hardly took a break for lunch & didn't stop until I was falling down & almost hurting myself 4 hours later - then I switched to classic. :)
Oh boy. At least I'm having fun! Speaking of fun - little miss priss (my sister) is going to Costa Rica for Christmas! She & her friends from work all got their bonuses & booked this most awesome vacation with waterfall repelling - jungle hiking - drunken skinny dipping snorkeling vacation during the week they all have off from work. ZOIKS!
I am looking forward to taking my skate skis home to the NLC (Newman Lake Community) where I can hang with the NLP (Newman Lake Posse) for Christmas.

Oh yeah, our roof is totally leaking, so Josh had to tarp it (I got little blue Christmas lights to match). He was up there in the WORST weather throwing the tarp over it, then boards & tires & car wheels to keep it from flapping in the wind. One night, the whole thing was making a racket from the wind lifting up & banging the debris that was purposefully strewn on the roof & Josh climbed back up there in the middle of the night with howling winds to reposition debris for optimal silent tarp coverage. He told me later he had thought about waking me up just in case something happened, but then thought better of it. Guess he thought his chances of survival were better braving the winds on the roof than waking me from my beauty sleep.

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