Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 Top 5's

Top 5 Things I Miss:

1. My Family
2. The Bus
3. Any and All Social Cues
4. Hot Summer Days
5. My So Called Life

Top 5 Things Sky Loves:
1. Sleep
2. Pets
3. Food
4. Laser Light
5. Her Mama

Top 5 Suggested Phrases to Avoid at Work:
1. You're not stupid, just dump.
2. A Monkey could lead a better meeting.
3. Revenue, Schmevenue.
4. What hole of yours did that idea come out of?
5. Fucking hell.

Top 5 Things about Racing:
1. Matching Booties.
2. Winning.
3. Speed.
4. Smiling through the pain.
5. Rubbing handlebars.

Top 5 Advice:
1. Get over it.
2. Think of people being naked.
3. Spend as much $ on a wedding as it will cost.
4. Ride a bike.
5. Ride a bike more.

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